Second-Grade Stall Mats (4'x6', 5'x7')

Size: 4' x 6' x 3/4"
Sale price$55.00


Second grade stall mats are new mats with various imperfections, including blemishes, surface inconsistencies, sizing variances, tears and chunks missing. Pictures show examples flaws. This product has a noticeable rubber smell.

These are great for horse stalls, trailers, truck beds etc.

Inventory stock changes daily; please call and/or wait for your pickup confirmation email before coming to pick up your order.

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges. 


  • 5' x 7' x 1/2"

  • 5' x 7' x 3/4" 

  • 4' x 6' x 3/4 button 

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