Soft-Play Rubber Playground Tile

Color: Black
Style: Tile
Sale price$21.99 CAD


Soft-Play are industrial grade rubber flooring tiles with a softer feel and an extra durable finish, great for outdoor and indoor play areas. These low odour recycled rubber molded tiles connect with dowel pins for easy installation.

At a hefty 45mm thick for softer landings, Soft-Play tiles also feature an egg-carton underside for drainage and dampening.

Available in black, green, blue and terracotta brown. Soft-Play Tiles are made from high-quality recycled SBR rubber granules, coloured EPDM rubber granules, and weather-resistant polyurethane. Designed to resist weathering and aging, they offer superior shock absorption, long-term durability, and easy maintenance. With a top coating offering an extra level of durability, this slip resistant material doesn't absorb water and dampens noise from impacts. Please note that lighting will effect exact colouring. 

Tiles Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 45mm

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